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Skin Image Search™

AI-Powered Dermatology Tool for Identifying Skin Conditions

FREE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dermatology search

  • Search your skin disease by uploading a smartphone picture from your smartphone or desktop.
  • For the best results – the image must be in focus, in good lighting and the area of concern clearly centered.
  • If it is just one lesion, take a focused close-up. If it is all over your body, take a focused image that best describes the concern
  • Do not distract the computer! Try and be a professional photographer. Do not draw on the image. Do not point your finger at the lesion of concern. Read how to get the best results here 
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*We comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can read more in the Terms and conditions or read a summary here

We constantly update our AI model to a better version. If you are a developer and interested to know which version you may get in touch below.



Hi Alexander and Team

I wanted to tell you that I saw a strange mole on my sister’s back and I checked it with FirstDerm’s Artificial Intelligence.

The AI indicated that it could be a melanoma, so she went to a dermatologist who confirmed that it was one at an early stage. It was has been removed, so a major problem was avoided. Thanks! 👏👏👏


Hi First Derm Team

I want to express my greatest gratitude to you for offering this smart service for free. This is an incredible AI-based project. I worried about my genital pimples turned out it was Molluscum contagiosum (Water warts), which is not severe disease. Thank you again


What is Skin Image Search?

Skin Image Search is a dermatology search engine powered by artifical intelligence (AI) using the Autoderm API. After uplaoding your image you will get 5 answers ranked in order of what the search engine thinks it is. You then have an option to read more about the skin diseases, and you can also ask a board certified dermatologist if you have more questions.


What is Artifical Intelligence?

AI is a machine’s ability to show human-like traits, such as reasoning, learning, planning, and creativity. AI enables technical systems to perceive their surroundings, manage what they perceive and solve problems, with the aim of achieving a specific goal. The computer receives information (already prepared or collected through its own sensors, e.g. through a camera), processes it and responds. AI systems are capable of adapting their behavior, to a certain extent, by analyzing the effects of previous actions, and of working independently.


Why is AI important?

Some AI technologies have been around for more than 50 years. But with the development of the power of computers, the availability of huge amounts of information and new algorithms have led to major breakthroughs for AI in recent years. AI is perceived as central to society’s digital transformation. Future applications are predicted to create huge changes, but AI already exists in our everyday lives.


Skin Image Search benefits

The AI dermatology search engine helps guide you to relebant inforamtion on a skin disease instantly, just like a search engine does. It is considered better than on online text search when you look at the images. For many of the skin diseases the end user can be guided to self-treatment with prescription free over the counter (OTC) medication. It is an instant software – average wait to get the results is 1.7 seconds. 


Who can use it?

Any person that wants information on a visual skin ailment can use the ai dermatology engine. Any user (gender, age and ethnicity)  that can take a picture of a skin concern with a smartphone and can use an internet search engine is eligible to use the analytics search engine. The time typically spent from taking a picture to uploading it to the analytics engine and retrieving an answer is less than 30 seconds. No prior training is required. Just make sure that the picture you take is in focus and in good lighting, representing the skin concern.



Skin Image Search is not a diagnostic tool, but an inforamtional tool. If you have other symptoms such as a fever and a rash you should go and see a medical professional. The ai dermatology software is not intended to diagnose skin conditions, but to give educational and informative information on skin concerns that is a stepping stone and guidance to getting correctly diagnosed and treated for the skin concern.  It is not intended to be used on animals.


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