Sunburns Articles

Sunburn: The Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about sunburn is right here! Treatment, prevention and home remedies for you to try anytime, anywhere.

Why Acne Tends To Worsen Every Summer?

Summer is one of the most eagerly awaited seasons. However, your skin may not love the summer as much as you do. And if you’re prone to acne, summer may well be the worst season of the year for you!

Differences Between Sunscreens – What SPF Should I Buy?

Despite the different formulations (creams, lotions, sprays, oils..) sunscreens can be divided into physical and chemical sunscreens according to their chemical composition. There are differences between chemical and physical sunscreen. 

5 Remedies To Ease Sunburns

Read our recommendations on 5 remedies to ease the symptoms of sunburn, and the best ways to apply them at home.

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