We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Daniel Kraft, oncologist, Singularity University medical chair, Exponential Medicine founder and digital health advocate is joining iDoc24 (the company behind First Derm) as an advisor. With his expertise in clinical medicine, research and entrepreneurship, iDoc24 is doubling down on our evidence-based approach to digital medicine. Welcome on board, Daniel!

We are impressed with Dr. Kraft’s work and influence in digital health. His enthusiasm for the field is inspiring to all entrepreneurs trying to propel healthcare into the internet age.

Last year we made Daniel’s life easier. He used our app to get a quick opinion about a lump on his neck. Our app identified an epidermal inclusion cyst in under 24 hours, and recommended a course of action. Armed with our expert opinion, he was able to skip the general medicine gatekeepers and go directly to a plastic surgeon for treatment. Altogether, he only had to step foot in the doctor’s office once, saving him time, money and worry.

1. Dr. Kraft’s epidermal inclusion cyst

Dr Daniel Kraft First Derm 1


2. His answer from a First Derm dermatologist

Dr Daniel Kraft First Derm 2

3. Post-treatment

Dr Daniel Kraft First Derm 3

Under his guidance and his expertise, look out for iDoc24 making some big moves in 2015. Our focus will remain on building data-driven mobile health solutions designed for both consumers and providers alike.

Dr. Kraft had this to say about joining:

“iDoc24 is shaping digital health today with their dermatology apps, I envision other areas leveraging smartphone technologies which can help make healthcare more proactive and accessible with the “push” of a button. I am excited to be part of the iDoc24 advisory board.”

Dr. Börve on Dr. Kraft:

“I have known Dr. Kraft for a few years now, he will fit in well with our other advisors to innovate in the digital health landscape. I thought I was a visionary, but Dr. Kraft is several years ahead of me. I am also very happy to have his wife join as an advisor as well, so that we can get a female perspective on the future of healthcare. Even though Dr. Kraft is an MD, I am sure his wife takes care of 95% of the Kraft’s family healthcare.”

You can hear about his experience with First Derm on the TEDx stage in Berlin.

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