I never wanted to be a princess. But, I have traveled with small children, and now, reading the stories of Prince George’s flight – and his mother’s entourage – I think perhaps I married wrong.

According to reports out this morning, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on a three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand. And I thought traveling across the United States with my five year-old was torture. It’s not the Duchess’s 30+ outfits that have me green with envy; it’s her ability to travel with a personal hairdresser, assistant, secretary, and nanny.

I’m lucky to travel with a fully charged iPhone to entertain my son on long trips. In all honesty, though, when I’ve travelled with my kids, it’s our team of doctors I wish I could take with me. On a recent trip to Arizona, my son’s eczema flared. It was awful – all over his face, his arms, between his legs so that he refused to walk. Yes, he’s dramatic, but his skin was incredibly inflamed. We were in the middle of the Sonoran desert. It was breathtakingly beautiful. But my son’s red thighs rivaled the red soil.

This was the first time I’d used First Derm, which is free in the App Store. While the board-certified doctors don’t prescribe medications through the app, in about 12 hours, they did give me advice about what kind of over-the-counter medications I could use to soothe my son’s rash.

One young man, on holiday in Australia, used First Derm to get help with sore spots that developed on his foot. The spots were painful and itchy. First Derm dermatologists recommended a mild, over-the-counter steroid cream that was available in Australia. Approximately 70% of the (over 4,000) cases sent to First Derm are treatable with over-the-counter options, saving the hassle of finding a doctor while on holiday for many happy customers.

We can’t search Google by pictures of your kids’ rashes, and we can’t all travel like the Duchess of Cambridge, but First Derm moms travel with an entourage.

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