The team at First Derm is delighted to announce that in the latest version of our app, users can pay with Bitcoin. We are the first ever health app to integrate Bitcoin as an in-app payment option. In partnership with BitPay, you can now use a mobile Bitcoin wallet such as BlockChain to securely and anonymously complete your transaction. Our payment provider, BitPay, is “thrilled that apps like First Derm are embracing Bitcoin as a payment option, and it is especially exciting that they are using it in the medical field”.

As a medical apps become more common, it is important that users are given control of their information. Here at First Derm, we put our users in driver seat of their own privacy, and by integrating Bitcoin, we bring our focus on privacy all the way through to payment options. First Derm is proud to be a pioneer of the cryptocurrency movement, and to offer skin consultations to our mobile Bitcoin users around the world.


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