New First Derm Skin Guide

It’s finally here! To make our website more relevant to your needs, we updated the First Derm Skin Guide

Do you know that 70% of cases in a dermatologist’s office can be treated with over-the-count medication? Instead of waiting for a month to see a dermatologist, check out our Skin Guide as a first step.


Why use the Skin Guide?

Our skin guide is easy to navigate, reviewed by board-certified dermatologists and features 90+ skin diseases

The NEW Skin Guide is easy to navigate and reviewed by board-certified dermatologists. We feature 90+ skin diseases – all categorized to help you get to where you need to go immediately.


New Features – Now on All Skin Disease Pages

  • We understand that you’re busy and might not want to read through the extensive 1000+ words article. That’s why we created “In A Nutshell” summaries to help you identify your skin concerns within seconds.

In a Nutshell Summary


  • Have a hunch what your skin concern might be? Click on a category and explore different options.

Category bar - First Derm Skin Guide


  • Even clearer and better images can help you match your skin concerns to the “textbook” cases. If you’re not sure, you can always send in a picture to our board-certified dermatologists.

Malignant melanoma


So What?

If you have a skin concern, this is the page you want to be on. Check out First Derm’s Skin Guide now!

Post Snapshot

Do you have a skin concern? Check out our BRAND NEW Skin Guide here!

New Features:

  • Easy-to-read summaries
  • Categorized for easy search
  • Clearer and better images

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