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Specialist doctor from the University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. I moved to the Bay Area in January 2013 and I attended the School of Public Health, UC Berkeley from 2013 to 2014 as a visiting PhD candidate. My PhD thesis is on Digital Health and so far I have published 4 peer review scientific papers. I founded First Derm in 2014.

Research articles by Doctor Alexander Börve


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  5. Using artificial intelligence on dermatology conditions in Uganda: A case for diversity in training data sets for machine learning. Henry Kamulegeya, Mark Okello, John Mark Bwanika, Davis Musinguzi, William Lubega, Davis Rusoke, Faith Nassiwa, Alexander Börve (in review) doi:
JAKOB KISSELGOF. "Malignant Melanoma Classification with Deep Learning"  Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health The Royal Institute of Technology. Stockholm 24/01/2019.

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