Why Acne Tends To Worsen Every Summer?

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Acne, Blog, Skin Cancer, Sunburns

6 Ways To Treat Acne During Summer


Summer is one of the most eagerly awaited seasons. All of us wait round the year for those few months of the lovely weather, feeling the sun warm our faces, and lazing around on the beach sporting a sun-kissed look. However, your skin may not love the summer as much as you do. And if you’re prone to acne, summer may well be the worst season of the year for you!

Wondering why your acne tends to worsen every summer? Read on.



Causes of acne

Acne is caused when the openings of the oil glands in the skin get blocked, leading to accumulation of the natural skin oils, i.e. sebum, and creating inflammation around the area. These glands can get blocked due to a variety of reasons – it could be due to the excessive sweating in the summer weather, the increase in oil production, the increased exposure of the skin to dust and pollution when we stay outdoors, and the use of greasy moisturisers and skin care products. 

All of these factors combine and change the micro-environment in and around the oil glands, and on the surface of the skin. Clogged glands and pores ultimately become breeding grounds for acne causing bacteria, P. acnes.

Now that you understand what causes your acne to worsen in the summer, you are probably wondering what you can do to maintain your clear, glowing skin, and reduce these breakouts. 

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Recommendations from the First Derm online dermatologists


1. Wash your face more often

Washing the face and making a good skincare routine is a simple way to get rid of the excessive oil, grime, and clogged skin cells. It helps to keep the skin clean and open up the pores. A salicylic acid cleanser may be very useful to reduce your acne.

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2. Avoid using a heavy, oily moisturiser

Lighter, water based moisturisers or gel based products should be used on your face during the summer months. Avoid products designed for intensive moisturising of the body and for excessively dry skin. Avoid moisturisers containing products such as glycerin, paraffin, which are oily and would lead to further breakouts. 


3. Use a sunscreen suitable for acne-prone skin. 

The same tips which you follow for selecting a good moisturiser, are also important for selecting sunscreens. Use lighter products designed for acne prone skin. A gel or spray based formulation would be better suited for your face, than a cream, if you are prone to acne. 

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4. Avoid staying in sweaty clothes or wet swimwear for long.

Make it a habit to shower immediately after a long swim or a workout, to avoid clogging of pores and sweat accumulation.


5. Try gentle exfoliators and over the counter acne creams.

Using a glycolic or salicylic acid cream, or even a night cream with retinol, will help to improve turnover of the skin cells and reduce clogging of oil glands. They also help to reduce the oil secretion in the skin. 

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6. Don’t pick at your zits

Trying to squeeze out that blackhead? Don’t. More of it is likely to accumulate deeper within your skin, than come outside, and will probably worsen redness and pain. It’s best to use some creams and wait for the acne to subside after treatment. 


The opinion of a board certified professional is likely to be all you need as the majority of skin problems can be treated over the counter. Speak to our dermatologists today!

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